I believe in creating products and services that fully meet the needs of those individuals who are purchasing them. 

By devoting the time and respect to understanding the flaws and misconceptions of a gender biased  purchase experience, I’ve built something that creates change and encourages emotionally supported spending decisions.

In a purchasing environment that typically represents: lack of respect, poor advice, misconception, deceptive practices, conflicting tactics, and a total disregard for personal time. It is no wonder it’s one of the most dreaded tasks, leading to unwanted and sometimes devastating outcomes.

Of course I cater primarily to women in the field of car buying but I stand for all when I say you deserve a clear, transparent, encouraging and supportive experience when deciding to make such a big financial purchase. 

It’s time for the car industry to do better & be better.

I have spent my entire life loving cars and being actively involved in the auto industry. My desire to help people experience an authentic, personal and rewarding car buying purchase is how TitleKeyCash.com & Girls Guide to Car Buying was created.

I have poured my blood, sweat & tears into this business and my only hope is that it truly makes you see how powerful you are to make decisions about your purchases. Be intentional on what companies get to have your hard earned money by the way they perceive your needs to be met. 

In a world where women drive 70%-80% of ALL consumer purchasing and rank their own needs last after the needs of their families it’s time we don’t settle for companies , products or services that don’t put us first or respect our place in the economy.  

 Become a Crazy Confident Car Buyer

~Lori DiPasquale 
Founder + Creator 


“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want”

                                                                                                            - Anne Lappe