Car Warranties ~ do you have, need or even want one

Jan 04, 2022

How many of us actually know what is in a car’s warranty or the terms and conditions of what it  really covers?

Did you buy extra coverage or did it come with some kind of coverage already?

For starters if you bought a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle then you did and you probably have overlapping coverage and stuff you don’t need and you paid a pretty penny for it!

Want to find out if you paid for coverage you don’t need or already have…

  Let’s break it down.

  1. You purchased a Certified Pre- Owned vehicle
  2. You bought extra/extended/ a service contract at time of purchase
  3. Paid extra for a tiered product ie: platinum, silver, gold packages etc.

Did you do research on what was left on the vehicle’s warranty before you purchased the car, bought added coverage or added any extras?

Download Your Free Warranty Checklist Here

That is always something you should research before you decide on what car to purchase so you know what to expect, what to...

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Tricks & Tools You'll Want To Know For Fun Safe Travels

Dec 30, 2021

Keep your cool and enjoy your road trips this year with these tricks & tools

 Air Quality - Do you know what could be lurking in your air if you have not changed

Changed your cabin air filter? Be sure to replace it at least once a year in the Spring!

It traps pollutants, pollen,dust,bacteria & exhaust fumes from circulating into your ventilation system. A clean filter can ease allergies, asthma & help maintain the quality of your vehicles heating and cooling system.

Air Fresheners -  They may smell good but  most are highly toxic and not good for you.

They are full of things you would never voluntarily put into your environment to breath in. Get rid of them to improve the cabin air conditions especially if you suffer from any respiratory conditions.

 Try a natural alternative like an essential oil car diffuser.

 Keep Your Cool - Do an A/C check to make sure everything is in top working condition.

Test the airflow from all vents and that the air...

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Spring Into Summer Car Care

Dec 30, 2021

Now is the time for all things fresh and new. Which means there are many things to do to gear up for the spring and summer months and your car should absolutely be one of them!


After months of neglect, colds, salt, ice, snow and much more havoc in and outside your vehicle it is time for a spring cleaning. What better time than National Car Care Month


I will cover some of the things I like to clean out, change and check before the start of all the summer fun and many road trips (especially to the beach)!


Today I am going to go over and show you how to replace your vehicle’s cabin air filter.

I ALWAYS do this twice a year, I suggest fall and without a doubt spring.

   * I suggest visiting your local auto parts store to ensure you get the correct one for your vehicle. They can look  everything up for you so you don't get the wrong one.

 The cabin air filter is what traps pollen, bacteria,exhaust gases and dust from getting into your...

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Flood Cars ~ coming to a town near you

Sep 07, 2021

Did you ever think you may be someone who unknowingly purchases a damaged flood vehicle?

Well, you may be shocked to find out many flood vehicles end up back in the marketplace for unsuspecting buyers to purchase. Carfax data shows a 9% increase with “446,836 flood-damaged cars on the roads in 2020, and that number is expected to rise…”.

In the aftermath of the recent hurricanes I suspect this number will  substantially skyrocket in the coming months.  

Some owners will collect the money for the flood damaged vehicles from the insurance companies, if they have comprehensive coverage which only a third of people carry, according to Consumer Reports. They will then sell the damaged vehicles to private buyers or salvage yards for cash. The vehicles will sometimes get refurbished and re-sold. Then they will end up back on the roads by a way of title washing, which conceals the truth about a vehicles damage with a replicated “clean” title.


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Debt-to-Income Ratio ~ an expected future outcome

Aug 11, 2021

What is debt-to-income

A percentage of how much money you spend on debt payments every month vs. how much you make every month. This number determines your capability of being able to pay back a loan.

They are basically trying to determine a future outcome with a promise of your future income. 

I believe it is difficult to calculate a person’s future windfalls or failures simply based on scores. Everyone faces an unfavorable fate with completely different characteristics, it is never as simple as a number. That is where knowing and speaking with community lenders who care about the individual really makes the difference.


With average auto loan balances on the rise it is important to know how much you can afford to spend on a vehicle purchase. Always be clear on the terms of your loan and how much you will be paying in interest over the length of the loan.

Why I need to know

Your DTI is not something found on a credit report nor does it effect it but it is a number...

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Junk Cars ~ the final curtain

Jun 02, 2021

When it has finally come time to say goodbye to good old betsy and let her move on to greener pastures you will need to do a few things to prepare for the proper send-off.

First you want to get the paperwork in order.

*Locate the Title to the vehicle 

*Have your license to verify you are the owner (must match name(s) on Title) You will be signing on the seller portion of the title and the names must be the same.

*Keys if you have them

*Remove the license plates before pick up is scheduled if parked on private property. If the vehicle is in the street or public parking area, license plates usually need to be kept on to prevent being towed. 

If you are driving the vehicle in, you can remove the plates when you drop off.

*Either way make sure you have your plates and that you surrender them to your Department of Motor Vehicle. This will insure you don’t get fined or prohibited from renewing your license/registration or worse, someone putting your plates registered...

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Wanderlust ~ the rising costs of adventure

May 24, 2021

I’m sure a lot of you are planning your road trip destinations to weddings, long awaited celebrations, RVing/camping trips or perhaps just the open road with absolutely no destination in mind (my fave). 

Just one thing… did you plan a travel budget?

With gas prices on the rise it may be worth planning how much you want to spend for your get away so you don’t break the bank and go home with travelers remorse.

A good way to plan is to know the mileage between where you are ,where you want to go and how much you plan to drive once you get there. 

Also you will want to know the gas prices within the towns you are traveling through in case they are much higher or even better, lower then your home town prices. 

AAA has the gas price averages in all the states;)

Once you gather your estimated driving mileage you can budget for fuel costs and any other added expense you may have like snacks, special stops, or an unexpected car cost.

This will help...

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Pink Tax ~ not so pretty

Mar 11, 2021

Pink Tax: The pink tax is a broad tendency for products marketed specifically toward women to be more expensive than those marketed for men, despite either gender's choice to purchase either product. (Wikipedia)

Let’s start with the consideration that not only are we over worked, undervalued and  taking on more responsibilities than ever, but we are also targeted for additional “tax” on products and services specifically created and marketed to our gender.


Women earn 82 cents for every dollar paid to men
Source: national partnership for women + families (sept.2020)

Women pay more 42% of the time 
Source: From the cradle to crane: the cost of being a female consumer (NYC Consumer Affairs Study 2015)

Pink tax costs the average woman $1,351 a year 
Source: From the cradle to crane: the cost of being a female consumer (NYC Consumer Affairs Study 2015)

Household costs are on the rise: Average annual expenditures in 2019 was $63,036 a 3%...

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Car Buying Budget ~ how much should I be spending

Feb 23, 2021

Income + Expenses

The first thing in creating a car buying budget should be to get a  income + expense report down to the last dollar. 

The only way to truly see how much you should be spending monthly on a car purchase is to determine your monthly and annual net salary as well as everything that is going out towards expenses. 

After you have figured out what is coming in, going out and what is left over after savings, retirement etc. you can get to the number that is right for your goals and you current lifestyle.


Vehicle Price / Monthly Payment

I suggest more conservative numbers when analyzing a car purchase and this is because I have seen too many people get themselves in trouble.

So for the suggested vehicle purchase price it should be 20%-30% of your annual income. The monthly payment should be 10%-15% of your monthly income with all vehicle expenses included. 

You may be surprised on what you should be spending because I’m sure it is a lot...

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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles ~ what you're getting for the label

Feb 22, 2021

The cost of a CPO label can be an additional $800 -$4,000 depending on the year, make, model, condition , miles and coverage on a vehicle as well as who is backing the certification.

For my example I used a 2018 Kia Sportage LX FWD with 23,000 miles. 

So you can see the CPO is $974 more than the non-certified, which for this particular vehicle that is a base trim level is a lot more. Not to mention Kia’s original 10 yr/ 100,000 warranty coverage is non transferrable and only given to the first original owner of the vehicle. This warranty then becomes a  5yr/ 60,000 mile warranty for the new (used) car owner. 

Which basically means a CPO Kia is just transferring the original 10yr/100,000 mile warranty to you but you have to buy it back. Pretty ingenious! 

In my example you can see the overlap in coverage. This vehicle has an estimated 2 yrs. ( this will depend on the in-service date on the vehicle history report) and/or 37,000 miles left, which ever...

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