Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles ~ what you're getting for the label

Feb 22, 2021

The cost of a CPO label can be an additional $800 -$4,000 depending on the year, make, model, condition , miles and coverage on a vehicle as well as who is backing the certification.

For my example I used a 2018 Kia Sportage LX FWD with 23,000 miles. 

So you can see the CPO is $974 more than the non-certified, which for this particular vehicle that is a base trim level is a lot more. Not to mention Kia’s original 10 yr/ 100,000 warranty coverage is non transferrable and only given to the first original owner of the vehicle. This warranty then becomes a  5yr/ 60,000 mile warranty for the new (used) car owner. 

Which basically means a CPO Kia is just transferring the original 10yr/100,000 mile warranty to you but you have to buy it back. Pretty ingenious! 

In my example you can see the overlap in coverage. This vehicle has an estimated 2 yrs. ( this will depend on the in-service date on the vehicle history report) and/or 37,000 miles left, which ever comes first. 

Not to mention I am a AAA member who has benefits such as roadside assistance, lock out assistance, jump start and much more.

Also, some insurance companies have added benefits as well so be sure to know what they offer or what is included in your policy. 

This is a  less expensive CPO example but I just wanted to show you a side by side comparison on deciding if a CPO is worth the sometimes hefty extra price tag.

Purchasing a CPO does not guarantee it has not been in an accident or that is was one person owned or that is was only used for personal use. Do your homework and always check a vehicle’s history report.

Another thing to keep in mind is that CPO vehicles backed by the manufacturer are only sold at authorized dealers specializing in that particular franchise. Independent dealerships may employ a disinterested third-party inspector to ensure objectivity, or may allow the dealer to inspect their own vehicles. 

Be aware of who is “certifying” these vehicles and what exactly It guarantees and who is backing it. 

You may just be paying extra for a label that doesn’t mean much.

As far as the CPO  vs. Non I would like to think that all used vehicles have at least a 164-point inspection if not more. That is not saying much for the dealerships if they are not giving all used vehicles this inspection and attention to detail to verify they do or do not meet certain standards. Not to say the ones that don't are necessarily bad but they should be priced as such and transparent about the condition for the best outcomes of both parties. 

Just do your homework and don’t take the label for face value. It is best to have the most accurate information to help you make an informed decision. To find this worksheet and more helpful checklists visit my Etsy shop, website and any of my social media profiles. 

Get informed,

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