How to Protect Your Vehicle During the Winter Months

Dec 05, 2020

We are going to give you some quick and painless tips to keep your vehicle safe and running during the arctic below zero temperatures we are experiencing this winter. 


No one likes being trapped on the side of the road in freezing weather & terrible conditions, so here are a few things you should know about and get done to keep you safe and happy! 

#1) Your Battery


  • Have it tested if you are getting serviced - Make sure it has a good charge
  • Make sure the terminals are clean from debris 
  • Check Manual for proper CCA = Cold Cranking Amps 
  • CCA refers to the number of amps a battery can deliver in cold temps ( find the # on the battery)

#2) Oil & Fluids 


  • Always refer to your vehicle’s owners manual for specific recommendations of service & replacement requirements of your particular year make and model. This will reduce unnecessary expenses for things that will last you a substantial amount of time.


OIL: Check your oil and make sure it’s at the proper level 

  • It should be clear or golden in color
  • Dark is fine too, just check your records of your last change
  • If it’s milky or foamy…...Something is Up!


WASHER FLUID: Always make sure your windshield washer fluid is full during these 

Winter months.

  • Check the correct reservoir and fill with a washer fluid that won’t freeze!! (Keep some in your trunk) 
  • With all the salt on the roads it’s imperative that you be able to clean your windshield while driving to see properly and stay safe


POWER STEERING FLUID: Check the reservoir & fill if low.

  • Some vehicles may have electronic power steering and not have a reservoir


COOLANT: Also known as antifreeze, prevents engine freeze up in winter. 

  • Make sure you engine is cold and then check level and add if necessary.


TRANSMISSION FLUID: Find the dipstick for your trans fluid and just give a check.

  • Make sure it’s above the lower mark on the stick and should be a reddish color
  • This doesn’t have to be changed frequently so check your manual and keep a record
  • It is important because it lubricates the vehicle’s gear system so don’t skip this step
  • Some vehicles have sealed transmissions so you will have to get it looked at in a service center you like, know and trust!!


BRAKE FLUID: Very Important & if low could indicate your brake pads need to be 

Replaced or their is a leak

  • The fluid should be above the lower level line - always- 
  • Get everything checked out if it is low just to be sure all is ok!


#3) Tires


  • Check your tread - feel if it’s smooth or still has plenty of grooves & depth 
  • Make sure your tire pressure is accurate
  • The recommended tire pressure is in the door jam or the owner’s manual. 
  • In the cold weather your tires will pressure will decrease so keep an eye out
  • All Weather or Winter Tires? I suggest putting on the proper tire according to what

Region of the world you live in. This will give you an optimum driving outcome.

#4) Wipers


  • Make sure your wiper blades are in tip top shape
  • If they are skipping, streaking, splitting or squeaking then replace them 
  • These are an easy and inexpensive fix and is important to your safety

#5) Heater


  • Make sure the blowers work as they are supposed to and the min/max levels are pushing out the air as they should and it gets HOT
  • If the air is not getting as hot as it should then get it checked out before it gets worse!


#6) Lights, Hazards & Blinkers


  • Please make sure that these all work people! And actually use them! 
  • Grab a friend or family member and go over the Brakes/Blinkers/Headlights/High Beams/ Reverse Lights & Hazards


#7) Gas


  • Always keep your tank ½ full so you have enough to warm up your vehicle and get to the nearest gas station if necessary!

If you want to listen to the webinar and see all the images that go along with the above topics 

Check it out here: Live Webinar!

Safe Travels, 

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