Long Term Loans for Lower Monthly Payments~ champagne taste, beer budget

Feb 17, 2021

The average loan term for a new vehicle purchase has stretched to 71.54 months in the second quarter of 2020 and escalating now in 2021. With increases in loan amounts and higher average monthly payments.  

let's take a look…

-   longer loan terms

  • Increased vehicle price points
  • Higher monthly payments 

Average loan: $583/mo x 72 = $38,736

This means the average person is buying a more expensive vehicle dragging out the loan longer than ever and paying higher interest. This is good how???

During such an unstable time I can’t see how this scenario is good to anyone except the dealerships and the lending institutions.

And apparently it’s the super prime consumers with the largest percentage of increased length on their loans… which does not seem right. 

So the people with the best credit and who I’m sure have financial stability, track their finances and are finically savvy are deciding to pay even more for a car in every way?!...

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The True Costs of Owning a Vehicle ~ what to budget for

Jan 25, 2021


Your transportation costs are the #2 expense of household spending, a 10.1% rise from 2018 to 2019. That means you’re spending more on your transportation costs than savings, health care, entertainment, pretty much everything with the exception of home ownership. 


This was the largest increase among all other spending. This is the perfect time to finally get your costs in check to be sure you aren’t throwing money away that you could be putting into another , more important category. 


Working from home and riding your bike or walking places doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after hearing that. These are way to actually cut costs and keep money in your pocket. 


Sometimes the things we think are inconveniences are really exactly what we need.  Find out what you have been spending on your transportation and make some changes if you see things are out of balance. 


If you are in the...

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Road Trippin’ Homemade Hand Sanitizer Spray ~ antibacterial mood booster

Jan 14, 2021

So if you’re like me and are constantly on the go, in and out of your car completing the days daily tasks than this is perfect for you! 


I do use disinfectant wipes and germ spray in and on my interior car components but usually only after I have finished for the day. Plus I don’t like using the spray and wipes on my skin unless necessary and I really don’t like the heavy scented harsh hand sanitizer gels so that’s when I decided to whip up this safe + simple spray. 


I love it, you can customize the scents and it’s all natural ingredients to whatever you like. It’s non-toxic and only costs pennies to make ( I like giving it as gifts too!) 

I will list all the ingredients + products I used if you want to grab what’s on the list!


Measuring Cup

Witch Hazel

Isopropyl Alcohol (minimum 60%)

Vitamin E Oil

Essential Oil

Small Funnel 

2 oz. plastic/glass bottle with sprayer 



In a...

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Solve Your Car Buying Challenges ~ With a Strategic Budget

Jan 12, 2021

Hey there! 

So you’ve decided to start planning for a car purchase and need to come up with a budget to make everything work within your financial goals. 


You are in the perfect place to achieve that result.

Let's Jump in!

Make a Budget

Create a budget worksheet to see how much you are spending and bringing in from month to month. This is a great way to manage your finances and really see the true numbers to determine your position. This is also a great time to clean house and cut loose expenses that no longer serve you and where you are going. 

Not a bad time to think about adding some side hustle cash flow to your income too. If you want to make your investment work for you think about companies like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, Turo, HyreCar, DriveShare & Wingz to bring in cash with your car. Want to continue to save a bit more before you commit to a vehicle purchase, try using something like carpoolworld.com for...

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The 4 C's of Credit Worthiness ~ Know Your Worth

Jan 07, 2021

Darling, never ask permission to wear the crown. There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.

Now chin up and get invested in yourself.

You have decided it’s time to purchase a vehicle and where do you begin?  I know it seems like you pick an amount you can afford a month and then everything starts to form around that number. 

Well…. there are quite a few steps in between that are crucial to maintaining your money goals, getting what you want and what fits your style of living. 

First things first, get your income and expenses in check and clear out all the unnecessary costs that you have accumulated so you can get the best outcome for your future.

Then, decide on how much of what you have left over you are willing to spend on a car and all the expenses that come with it. 

Now that you have those numbers in order it’s time to find out how credit worthy you are and how much that gets you. 



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Monthly Car Payments (what can you afford)

Dec 29, 2020

Ever wonder exactly how to determine what your monthly car payment should be?

It is a matter of your monthly and annual income and how much of that you can afford to spend.


The first thing is to get your budget in check and see how much you are spending vs. bringing in. This will give you a clear picture of where you stand financially before you make any decisions. Also you will have an opportunity to get rid of some expenses and perhaps lessen some others. Since we are nearing the end of the year this is a good as time as any to do some financial housekeeping.


Once you get your expenses in order you can then see what you are saving for retirement, college, vacations and all the other things on your list. After all is deducted and you have a final number you can then decide what percentage of your annual and monthly income you would like to spend on a vehicle purchase.


Don’t base a purchase only on the monthly payment and do not go shopping and say I can...

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Is Leasing a Car for Me?

Dec 18, 2020

Miles & MIles & Miles, oh my


First, what are the miles driven annually as of right now in your current situation.

Are you in a secure job and what if you change jobs and your commute becomes a longer distance.

Also, where are your family and friends located and will you be doing a lot of visiting / road trips to get to them.

Where are you located and are you renting or have you purchased your home and do you plan of moving at any point in the near future which would change you distance to your job and family.

If you have children are they getting to the age of hanging out with friends, participating in sports, or on the verge of getting their permit, which would all lead to unforeseen mileage being racked up

Don’t forget to allot for any road trips you plan to take during the year(especially beach days)


Am I Neat & Organized


When you lease a vehicle it must be returned in the exact way you purchased it minus your mileage allowance and basic...

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How to Protect Your Vehicle During the Winter Months

Dec 05, 2020

We are going to give you some quick and painless tips to keep your vehicle safe and running during the arctic below zero temperatures we are experiencing this winter. 


No one likes being trapped on the side of the road in freezing weather & terrible conditions, so here are a few things you should know about and get done to keep you safe and happy! 

#1) Your Battery


  • Have it tested if you are getting serviced - Make sure it has a good charge
  • Make sure the terminals are clean from debris 
  • Check Manual for proper CCA = Cold Cranking Amps 
  • CCA refers to the number of amps a battery can deliver in cold temps ( find the # on the battery)

#2) Oil & Fluids 


  • Always refer to your vehicle’s owners manual for specific recommendations of service & replacement requirements of your particular year make and model. This will reduce unnecessary expenses for things that will last you a substantial amount of time.


OIL: Check...

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Underwater Car Loans - Sink or Swim

Nov 26, 2020

Underwater Car Loans : Sink or Swim


Is your car loan more then your vehicle is worth? Well if so then you are what is known as underwater or upside-down in your loan. Let’s discuss a few options to get you back on track and make sure this never happens again!


First we will need to figure out the actual current value of your vehicle. Grab my vehicle value worksheet to get you started.


Now that you have figured out it’s value let’s see what your options are.


#1.) You can sell the vehicle for what it’s worth and write a check for the difference and be done with it. The only thing with this option is that you are left with no vehicle. If you have wonderful public transportation and can make due without the use of a vehicle then that is a great option why you recoup your losses. Now you can save and buy again  (and buy right) when it makes financial sense.


#2.) Roll the negative equity into a new (used) vehicle...

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Lemonade Out Of Lemons - Manufacturers & Dealers - Selling You Lemon Law BuyBacks Without A Trace

Nov 23, 2020

Do you know what a lemon law buyback is?  It is something I have been seeing a lot of lately and it seems most people don’t know what this means.

These are vehicles that have been reacquired by the manufacturer because they have been deemed defective by lemon law standards. Vehicle manufacturers buy back thousands of vehicles every year because they either could not be fixed or are irreparable.


That’s where the unlucky consumer who thinks they are getting an amazing deal purchases these buybacks unknowingly. The vehicles can be resold to the public fixed or not and most likely there is no way to tell it was a lemon buyback.


Few states require any type of branding on the title when a vehicle is “repurchased” under a state’s lemon law. It gets better….. If there is any such discrepancies a simple transfer of the vehicle to a non-branding state gets it removed. Keep in mind that Lemon is not the term they use for this...

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