How to Keep Your Car Organized

Sep 04, 2020

Now that we’re in the full swing of school, sports, and with the holidays closely approaching, I find that our vehicle really takes a beating.


I spend 20+ hours a week driving and sitting in my car for just soccer alone so it sometimes feels like our second home. There is food, drinks, balls, phones, computers, clothes, homework, backpacks and some other unidentified things, and soon holiday gifts, extra passengers and endless stuff!!!! It can get out of hand, FAST!

So I finally pulled it together and got all the proper products to get my vehicle organized and tidy… now mind you, being in the car business I change vehicles about every 2-6 weeks so I can’t ever fully move in, you know what I mean. ;))


During this I thought that I would write a blog post to possibly inspire or help any other crazy busy parents out there with the same problem.

Here it goes……


Problem #1)MY PURSE….ugh, it flew off the middle armrest  again...

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How to Get The Most Money For Your Car

Sep 04, 2020

#1. Do Your Research
Find out what other like cars are selling for in your market.
Market = the same geographical area (If you live in N.Y. don’t compare to vehicles in California, etc.) Make sure you are basing your vehicle’s worth on like vehicles that have SOLD in your area, not what they are ASKING for. A big difference as you should know.… (I would love to get thousands more for my car but that’s not what I’m gonna get.) Get it

#2. Compare Apples to Apples
The vehicles must be as similar as possible, unless you are dealing with modifications and then you need to do extensive research.
They must be the same make, model, mileage, condition, options, and even color will make a big difference in particular makes and models.

So many times I talk to people who say, “Well Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds and my brother the mechanic said it’s worth this much.” Oh and the kicker is when they put in Excellent condition and it is CLEARLY not even...

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Quick & Easy Flat Fix

Mar 23, 2020

Run over a nail, screw or sharp object?

Here is a quick fix to get you back on the road and save you money from unscrupulous auto garages!

Simply get your hands on a, Slime 1034-A T-Handle Tire Plug Kit or any kit of your choosing at a

local auto supply or hardware store.

Follow the directions on the packaging and Voila! back in action.

See a step-by-step video below using the T-Handle Kit.

(Yes, I ran over a nail AGAIN)

Now if after you plug it, it seems to be very low, try using fix-a-flat to hold it over until you can get to a station and put the proper amount of air in (PSI)

Most vehicles list the tire pressure requirements on the inside of the driver’s door, or check your owner’s manual.

So if you are truly prepared you will have a handy dandy digital tire pressure gauge. If not check out this one on amazon, Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

for under $11.00 you can fill your tires and verify the correct PSI all on your own. I recommend checking the...

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