how to buy a vehicle for your budget + lifestyle

I'm ready to get my car buying budget blueprint today for $47

What does the car buying budget blueprint teach me?

  • Where to start on your car buying journey & how to find what you actually need
  • Credit Worthiness breakdown - Loan terms, rates, monthly payments, DTI - debt-to-income ratio, PTI - payment to income ratio, LTV- loan-to-value ratio, why they matter & how it effects your borrowing power 
  • How to calculate what you will be paying out monthly with all your vehicle expenses
  • An accurate & honest breakdown of your budget & what you can afford to spend on a vehicle (honestly)
  • What costs are actually involved with owning & maintaining a vehicle so you are prepared before you purchase
  • A top pick vehicle list that narrows down the best options so you know exactly what you want
  • What you will need to pre-qualify for financing, where you can obtain financing & vehicle requirements most institutions expect
I want to be a confident car buyer for $47
I'm ready to prepare for my vehicle purchase more efficiently for $47


Find out exactly what your monthly payment will be with all transportation costs. 


Know your numbers and how the they effect your borrowing power

Top Pick

Budget worthy vehicles that fit your lifestyle so you know exactly what you're looking for

I want to take charge of my vehicle purchase plan for $47

How will this help me?


This is for people who struggle with where to start when buying a vehicle. Learn the step by step process to take charge of your car buying experience and build a purchase plan to get exactly what you want.

Get the Car Buying Budget Blueprint for $47

So tell me more about what this blueprint is actually offering...

To take control of your vehicle purchase with a step by step process that builds a plan for your lifestyle & budget. Finally remove the anxiety, dishonest tactics, and time consumption of this task with your budget blueprint customized exactly for you by you.

Blueprint Materials:


  • Course Videos to explain and show you the step by step process
  • 14 PDF's with examples to use as a guide & reference
  • Checklists to keep you on track
  • Resource Page 
  • Access to our private community for any + all support
Give me the tools to become a confident car buyer for $47

Find your way to the perfect purchase!